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How The Moon Effects Your Emotions
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Instead of being thrown around by your thoughts and emotions.....

Learn how to use the moon to make sense of how you are feeling.

Learn the different phases & what actions to take (or not take) in each phase.

Learn how to use her cycles to create powerful change and take back control.
In This Free 30 Minute Training 

Find Out How The Moon:

  • Can be used as a natural time keeper 
  • Has 4 different phases that influence your energy
  • ​Has ancient wisdom that can help you balance your health
  • Can help you better understand yourself 
  • Can connect you with nature at a deeper level
  • ​Has potent power that can be used  for transformation 
Hannah is a nutritionist and yoga teacher who specialises in helping busy women overcome stress, overwhelm and fatigue after healing from these challenges herself. 

Sarah is a yoga teacher & breath coach who has used these healing modalities along with nature to overcome her own mental health challenges of anxiety, depression and self harm.

Your Hosts: Hannah Carr & Sarah King
About 5 years ago our health practices led us to working with the moon.

Twice every month we would meet in the smallest of Women's circles (just us!) to release what was no longer serving us and set new intentions.

Not only did this help us manifest quickly.  We also learned how much the moon affected our emotional health and physical health.

We learnt ow to use the cycles to our advantage and connect with nature at a deeper level, reducing stress and anxiety symptons.

Join us in our 30 minute training to help you understand the moon more yourself and how this can help you and your health.

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We hate spam and will never sell or rent your information
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