November 8th - 28th 2021
From Stressed Out to Blissed Out!

21 Days To Create The Habit Of Drinking 
THE BEST Quality Cacao (aka Chocolate) 

To Reduce Your Reliance On Coffee & Tea EASILY As They Overstimulate Your Nervous System.....Goodbye Anxiety Symptoms.

Including Journal Prompts, Meditations, Laughter & Support  
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Managing  Stress  &  Anxiety Is An Overlooked Key In Women's Health

When We Take This Seriously We See Improvements In Our:

  • Sleep 
  • ​Cravings 
  • ​Mood & Emotions
  • Motivation
  • Patience
  • ​Negative Thoughts 

What You Can Look Forward To Over The 21 Days

  • Learning The Benefits of Ceremonial Grade Cacao:  How this superfood supports you in SO many ways and how that is possible when it's so delicious!!
  • ​A Daily Practice: That you WANT to commit to, not another MUST DO in your diary.
  • Join Our Opening & Closing Cacao Ceremonies: These are an optional extra that help you to set intentions about the changes you are looking to create over the 21 days, intention setting is the missing part of getting results in many parts of our lives.
  • ​Support & Community: As well as the 21 day challenge you’ll be invited to our Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get support and meet a likeminded community all for FREE
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How Heather Found The Challenge:

Thank you for this challenge.

I feel AMAZING and have managed to stay off ALL stimulants, including tea, coffee & chocolate the whole challenge!

I've caught up on replay as my boys have been demanding but have loved taking time out when I can with the breathwork, meditations and gratitude.

I've enjoyed this challenge so much and I've noticed after only 5 days of using cacao that my skin is clear and my rosacea is reduced, this is a big difference to last month!

Hannah is a nutritionist and yoga teacher who specialises in helping busy women overcome stress, overwhelm and fatigue after healing from these challenges herself. 

Sarah is a yoga teacher & breath coach who has used these healing modalities along with nature to overcome her own mental health challenges of anxiety, depression and self harm.

Your Hosts: Hannah Carr & Sarah King
We are HUGE cacao fans, Sister's and Women's wellness coaches.

Hi, we are Hannah & Sarah and are trained ceremonial grade cacao practitioners.

Yep, we trained in Chocolate but the best quality that not only helps your physical and mental health but also connects you spiritually (if you are into that) by opening your heart and leaning into TRUST.

As we ourselves wanted to be cacao abundant, we started our very own brand called Holistic Health Cacao.  Our Cacao is organic, fair-trade, has no absolutely nothing added and is ethically sourced.

We drink cacao, use it in our food, educate and run ceremonies sharing it's magic.

Join us for these 21 days to move from stressed out to blissed out.

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