March 21st - 25th
5 Surprisingly Simple Ways To Transform Your Overwhelm & Anxiety 

Get Out Of The Never Ending Loop Of Worry & Choose To Feel Calm & Happy Again
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Managing  Overwhelm & Anxiety Is An Overlooked Key In Women's Health

When We Take This Seriously We See Improvements In Our:

  • Sleep 
  • ​Cravings 
  • ​Mood & Emotions
  • Motivation
  • Patience
  • ​Negative Thoughts 

What You Can Look Forward To Over The 5 Days

  • A Fresh Approach To Managing Overwhelm & Anxiety:  This approach is designed for Women by Women.  Learn how to stop using all of your energy to keep pushing and instead go with the flow by using easy feminine practices.
  • ​Fast Tools That Only Take Minutes: You don't need to commit to long meditations (that seem impossible anyway) we will show you tools that are effective in minutes.  
  • How The Moon Impacts Your Mood: Learn how Women are influenced by the moon more than you realise and how to harness it's power to your full advantage.
  • ​Upgrading The Mindset Beliefs That Keep Us Stuck:  Personal growth is essential for us to see change.  Let's look at the most common beliefs that are keeping stuck in repeating patterns that are no longer serving you..
  • Stress Foods You Need To Avoid: Find out what common foods maybe making your overwhelm and anxiety symptoms worse . You’ll be surprised how easily you can tweak your diet to feel calm and in control 
  • ​Support & Community: As well as the 5 day challenge you’ll be invited to our Anxious to Aligned Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get support and meet a likeminded community all for FREE
Get Access To The 5  Days Here
We hate spam and will never sell or rent your information

Stacey G

How Stacey Found The Training:

At first I was a bit worried that the 5 day free training was going to involve things that were beyond my capability, like complex yoga poses and complicated recipes. Or things that just wouldn’t fit in my life. 

However, everything I learned was easy and accessible- things that do not take up too much time but have a big impact.

Every day of the challenge brought something helpful to my life- I loved the breath work to cope with stressful situations and tips on mindset. The yoga poses helped me release tension and relax -especially tension in my hips and the nutrition talk helped me see where the biggest issues lay with my diet. I realised I needed to listen to my body and see how it reacts to certain foods because we are all different. 

The biggest results I’ve had is the confidence to try doing things I previously couldn’t do in daily life due to illness and anxiety. Armed with techniques and the mindset to deal with any eventuality, I have gained some of my life back and am optimistic for the future. 

I am also less bloated and some ailments have already gone, in a short space of time. 

I am really grateful for this training, the supportive community and of course the experts-Hannah and Sarah who are both very knowledgeable, understanding and helpful. 

Thank you!
Hannah is a nutritionist and yoga teacher who specialises in helping busy women overcome stress, overwhelm and fatigue after healing from these challenges herself. 

Sarah is a yoga teacher & breath coach who has used these healing modalities along with nature to overcome her own mental health challenges of anxiety, depression and self harm.

Your Hosts: Hannah Carr & Sarah King
Hi, we are real life Sisters and wellness advocates.

Together we started using the moon's natural cycles to align with the cyclical rhythm of nature.  This along with  other holistic tools  of yoga, meditation, nutrition and spiritual practices brought about even more balance to our lives and a deeper connection to each other.

We released old patterns of hurt, disappointment and anger.  Which gave us the space we needed to start to reignite old dreams,  set new goals  and  start to help others do the same.  

Join us as we share these practices that will help you reduce anxiety, fear, worry, stress and overwhelm and move towards feeling more aligned, more at peace and more connected to what you really want from life.

We can't wait to share this week and these tools with you.

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